If you have ever hooked into one of these hard fighting fish, then you already know about "shad fever." If we had to describe them for the uninitiated, they are herring on PEDs or often called "poor man's tarpon." They are aggressive fish that can school up in the hundreds. They bite and fight extremely hard for their size which ranges from 2-8+lbs. Catching large numbers on spin or fly gear is truly habit forming. Frank has had clients that refuse to miss a year, coming back every spring to enjoy nice weather and nicer fishing. Fly fisherman will use shooting 7-8wt rods with shooting heads or 5wt and up two-hand rods with sink tips. Long casters can truly benefit by reaching schools of fish others can't, but there are plenty of fish close enough for all anglers. Shad fishing offers great practice for salmon/steelhead season whether conventional or fly fisherman.